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MU Trip to St. Louis for Baseball Game – Thursday, June 30, 2016 at 3:00 p.m.

Hey, baseball fans! Join other IEP students and a few instructors for a MU-sponsored trip to Busch Stadium in St. Louis to see the Royals vs. the Cardinals.

What:  a trip to Busch Stadium in St. Louis to see the Royals play the Cardinals (a baseball game)

When:  Thursday, June 30th

  • Departure Time:  3:00 P.M. from Student Center
  • Game Time:  6:15 PM
  • Return Time: shortly after the end of the game

Cost: $30 for students ($35 for staff, faculty, and the public)

What is included:

  • a ticket for the game
  • the bus ride
  • a snack

Where to buy tickets: Go to the MSA/GPC Box Office in the MU Student Center to reserve your spot on the trip! (The Box Office is open 11:00AM to 2:00PM Monday through Friday. If you want to go, it is important to get your tickets soon before they sell out.)

base‧ball S2 W2 noun

1 [ uncountable ] an outdoor game between two teams of nine players, in which players try to get points by hitting a ball and running around four bases
2 [ countable ] the ball used in the game of baseball