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IEP and MU Closed Friday, January 13, 2017, and 2 more announcements

IEP and MU Closed: Friday, January 13

Due to a coming winter ice storm (starting by noon on Friday), the IEP and MU will be closed tomorrow, Friday, January 13.  Monday, January 16, is a national holiday, and all offices will be closed.  The IEP and MU will re-open on Tuesday, January 17, at 8:00 a.m.

NEW IEP students should do the following:

1) go to the Student Health Center on Tuesday morning for the Health Center Check-in; go at the time on your card.

2) Come to the IEP on Tuesday afternoon for advising from 2-3 p.m. (look at the time on your card) and then stay for orientation (3-4 p.m.).

CONTINUING IEP students: pick up your schedule at your appointed time on Tuesday morning.

EVERYONE: IEP classes begin on Wednesday, January 18.

Second Announcementice on tree

ICE STORM!!!  Columbia will have an ice storm starting by noon on Friday, January 13, and ending late Sunday morning, January 15.  The ground and everything outside will become covered in ice.  This is a very dangerous situation.  Trees can fall down, and electrical lines can come down.  Your electricity can go off.  Be sure you have enough food and water for two days, and warm clothes.  You are advised not to go outside very much.  Ice is very dangerous to walk on.  Also, please do not drive on ice; it is very hard to control or stop a car.  If you must drive, drive slowly and carefully.

Third Announcement

For more information about the ice storm, you can check the websites for local news organizations, or you can watch local television channels or listen to local radio stations.


            Columbia Tribune:

            Columbia Missourian:





            KBIA 91.3 FM:

            KFRU 1400 AM: