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CELL/MU Activities

IEP Field Trips

Each semester, the Intensive English Program (IEP) provides a variety of out-of-town trips for students.  We visit a variety of places in Missouri, including St. Louis, Kansas City, Hannibal, and Jefferson City.  These outings include activities such as visiting the St. Louis Zoo, going ice skating, touring the Missouri State Capitol Building, and shopping in Kansas City. The IEP provides the transportation. Students pay any admission fees and other costs, like food.

4 IEP students pose in front of a display train on a trip to Marceline, Missouri

Conversation Partners Program

The CELL Conversation Partners Program encourages students to meet Americans outside of class to practice their English language skills and learn about American culture. Most IEP students participate in the program and report that they really enjoyed the experience and recommend it to all new IEP students. They enjoy being paired with American students at MU because it gives them an opportunity to

  • practice speaking English,
  • share information about their cultures, and
  • participate in different kinds of activities.

Conversation partners typically meet one or two hours each week, but they can meet more frequently if they want. Many IEP students develop long-lasting friendships with their conversation partners. There is no charge for IEP students to participate in the program.


Conversation Program with residents at Lenoir Retirement Community

2 IEP students with a male resident from Lenoir Retirement Community

IEP students are encouraged to participate in the Conversation Program with residents at Lenoir Retirement Community. The residents at Lenoir Retirement Community are elderly (older) people.  They are interested in talking with IEP students and helping students with their English.  Some of the Lenoir residents are retired professors, and many of them have traveled to or lived in other countries.  They have seen many changes in American culture and lifestyle during their lives, and they have a lot of fascinating stories to tell.  They are very interesting people to talk to. IEP students are provided with transportation to go to the Lenoir Retirement Community every other week during the semester on Tuesday evenings.


Mizzou Activities

Students may also take advantage of many different campus activities, including concerts, sports events, guest speakers, movies, and international cultural events. Visit the Mizzou Stuff To Do site for more information.

Students may use all of the MizzouRec Services and Facilities, such as tennis courts, swimming pools, basketball and volleyball courts, table tennis equipment, weight room, exercise room, indoor running tracks and soccer fields.

There are many MU clubs and organizations (e.g., international, recreational, social, and religious) which students are encouraged to join. For more information, visit .

8 elliptical machines and other exercise equipment at the Mizzou Rec Center