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Housing and Residence Halls


tudents may choose to live in a private apartment off-campus or contract a room in one of the 23 University-owned residence halls (dormitories). The cost of a double room (a room shared by two people) in an MU residence hall for one semester  varies depending on the particular residence hall and meal plan chosen. Current academic year rates can be found on the Residential Life website. Note that the rates are listed for the entire academic year.  Rates for one semester are approximately but not exactly one half of the listed costs. The cost for the summer session is approximately $2000.

We recommend that single students live in the residence halls because the experience helps students easily interact with American students in daily situations. Living in a residence hall helps the international student practice speaking English and understand American culture. Another popular option for students is to live off campus in a privately owned apartment. If you choose this option, we strongly recommend you use the services offered by MU’s Off Campus Student Services Office which can assist you with understanding your options.

For more information concerning on-campus housing visit the Residential Life site.

For married students or students with children, Residential Life does have a few unfurnished apartments collectively called University Student Apartments (USA).  You can find out more information about these at their website.