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Mary Browning

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Mary Browning’s first “real” job out of university in 1976 was in English for speakers of other languages, and she has continued in this rewarding profession ever since because of the motivation and diversity of the student population. She has a bachelor’s degree in linguistics, a graduate diploma in teaching English to speakers of other languages and a master’s degree in comparative education/ESOL from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Having taught in a variety of educational settings in Canada, the United States and Mexico, she especially enjoys working with adults in intensive English, bridge/pathway and adult education ESOL programs. In addition to teaching, she has had a variety of administrative ESOL positions, as well as teaching both face-to-face and online TESOL courses to future teachers. Professionally, her interests including teaching and scoring writing, including 10 years as a scorer for the Oregon Statewide Writing Assessment, and teaching reading, critical thinking and a variety of electives. After growing up in the Deep South, residing in Canada for a decade and living in the West and Pacific Northwest for many years, she enjoys living in Missouri with its four distinct seasons and closer proximity to family.